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New Flowing laser light / Disco Lighting
Power supply: AC110V/220V, 50/60Hz
Laser power: Red 150mw + Green 50mw
Laser color: Green, red and yellow
Wave length: DPSS green ...
Min. Order: 1
Wizard Flower DMX Scanner Light (NC-S2504)
Voltage: 220v-240v/50-60Hz
Power: 300W
Fuse: T6.3A/120V T3.15A/230V
Lamp: MSD250 gas discharge lamp
Color: 7 colors+2 white+starry ...
Min. Order: 1 Piece
Name: 300mW Green Cartoon Laser
Power supply: AC90V-250V
Laser power: Green 300mw
Laser Color: Green
Wave length: Green 532nm
Play Mode: Sound active, Auto, DMX512, ILDA PC ...
Min. Order: 1
LED Flower Laser Effect Light (NC-L38)
Power supply: AC110V/220V/50~60Hz
Power consumption: 6W
Lamp: 60 PCS 5mm LED(R20 G20 B24)
Function: Automatic /sound active
Dimension: ...
Min. Order: 1
New Tri ( 3-in-1) LED Moving Head Wash
NEW LED RGB moving head
Voltage: 90V-240V/50-60Hz
LEDs: 24 x 3W 3-in-1 RGB LEDs
Power: 72W
Control signal: DMX 512
Channel: 12CH ...
Min. Order: 1
DJ Lighting LED Roller Scanner Light (NC-L05)
Voltage: AC110V220V 50Hz60Hz
Power: 10W
LEDs: 55 * 5mm LEDs
Function: Color change, sound control, patterns change according to ...
Min. Order: 1
12CH HMI 575W DMX Moving Head Light Spot (NC-575-2)
Power: AC220v/110v
Frequency: 50-60Hz
Power consumption: 680w
Lamp: HMI 575w
Channels: 12CH
Gobo wheel: 7 gobos + open ...
Min. Order: 1
Name:LED Panel Light (NC-L20)
648 PCS of 5mm high brightness LEDs with unlimited RGB color mixing;
Bar, 1line ×8 blogs;Panel, 2 lines ×4 blogs;
Sound activation via ...
Min. Order: 1
DJ Lighting Mini LED Strobe Light (NC-L46)
Voltage: AC110V /220V 50/60Hz
Power: 3W
LED: 24 PCS 5mm LEDs
Dimension: 250x250x80mm
Weight: 0.5KG
Min. Order: 1
LED stage lighting Cast-Aluminium LED PAR 64 Short (NC-L15)
(36x1W LED)
Voltage: 90-240V/50-60Hz
LEDs: 12 red / 12 Green / 12 Blue
Control: 6 DMX Channels
Power: 40 W
Min. Order: 1
Name: 600MW RGY cartoon laser light
Power supply: AC90V-250V
Laser power: Green 50mw and red 200mw
Laser Color: Green and red
Wave length: Green 532nm and red 650nm
Play ...
Min. Order: 1
Disco Light LCD Display LED PAR 64 (NC-L12)
Professioanl Lighting
Power: 36W
Voltage: AC 90-240V/50-60Hz
LEDs: 177x10mm LED bulbs
6 DMX Channels, LCD Display
Dimension: ...
Min. Order: 1
High Bright LED PAR 64 Long (NC-L132)
Power: 40W /120W
Voltage: AC 90-240V/50-60Hz
LEDs: 12 red / 12 Green / 12 Blue (*1 W)
12 red / 12 Green /12 Blue(*3 W)
6 DMX Channels ...
Min. Order: 1
LCD Display LED Parcan 64 Stage Light (NC-L13)

LED Parcan 64 Long
Voltage: AC 90-240V/50-60Hz
Power: 36W
LEDs: 177x10mm LED bulbs
6 DMX Channels, LCD Display
Dimension: ...
Min. Order: 1
LED Three Claws DJ Scan Light (NC-L40)

Voltage: AC110V/220V/50~60Hz
Power: 30W
LEDs: 96 PCS 5mm LED
Control: DMX512/Sound/auto run
Dimension: 435x375x235mm
Weight: 3.2KG
Min. Order: 1
LED 4 Hole Effect light (NC-L28)
Voltage: AC 90-240V/50-60Hz
LED: 100 PCS 5mm LEDs
Control signal: DMX 512
Control channel: 7 CH
Power: 15W
Dimension: 935x150x140mm ...
Min. Order: 1
LED Disco Light (NC-L53)

Voltage: AC110V/220V 50~60Hz
Power: 35W
LED Lamp: 3W high power LED
Color: 5 colors(R\G\B\Y\W)
DMX Channels: 8CH
Controller: Autorun\Sound ...
Min. Order: 1
7 hole LED effect light (NC-L34)
Voltage: AC 90-240V/50-60Hz
LED: 175 PCS 5mm LEDs
Control signal: DMX 512
Control channel: 7 CH
Power: 20W
Dimension: 590x415x240mm
Weight: ...
Min. Order: 1
LED MoonFlower Light (NC-L14) Effect lighting
Voltage: 100V-240V
Power: 60W
469 LEDs, Red, Green, Blue 3 colors change
9 DMX Channels
7 Gobo teams Dynamic change, Zoom out or ...
Min. Order: 1
Sound Activate LED Strobe Light (NC-L41)
Voltage: AC110v~220v 50Hz~60Hz
Power: 10w
Llight sourcing: One color, red, blue, green,
Yellow(availabel to choose)
No. Of LED: 146 ...
Min. Order: 1
LED PAR zoom (NC-L44)
Voltage: AC110V /220V 50/60Hz
Power: 10W
LED: 61 PCS 10mm LEDs
Speed adjustable, DMX 512
Dimension: 200x180x180mm
Weight: 1.5KG
Min. Order: 1
LED project Light
Name: Water Proof High Power LED Flood Light (NC-L18)
LED Flood light(72x1W LEDs)
Voltage: 110/230V/50-60Hz
Power: 80 W Bulb: 24 red / 24 Green / 24 Blue ...
Min. Order: 1
Mini laser light (NC-MINI03)
DPSS Laser power: 30mW green, 100mw red
Laser Color: Green, red
Wave length: Green 532nm, red 650nm
Power supply: DC5V-12V
Adapter Supply: ...
Min. Order: 1
Ultra Bright Waterproof LED wall Washer (NC-L22)
Waterproof LED high power wall washer light
(24 * 1W / 3W LEDs):
Power: 24 W / 72W LEDs: 8 Red / 8 Green / 8 Blue
Control: 3 ...
Min. Order: 1

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